Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fabulous Fall!

It’s nice to have cooler days and we are enjoying the nice weather.  We had a week of fall themed centers and made these cute fall friends and fall trees.

  Fall 005 Fall 006 Fall 004Fall 002 Fall 003

Fall 013 Fall 007

At this center they played a memory game matching pictures with the same beginning sounds. At the listening center they listened to Clifford’s First Fall and then played a game called “Leaf Blower” with vocabulary words on the cards. If they got the word right they got to keep the cards, but if they got the “leaf blower” they had to put all their cards back in the pile.

Fall 008 Fall 009

At this center they worked on their handwriting while writing a Fall poem.  Another center was graphing different colors of leaves and then adding them together to make sets.

Fall 010 Fall 011

Here they worked on numbers to 50 and put different sets in order from least to greatest.  They also worked on word families and rhyming words.

Fall 012

The last center was a tricky one. They had to put 6 different sets of 4 cards in ABC order.  We are working on putting words in ABC order by the first letter and if they start with the same letter they have learned to go to the second letter.  They did a good job on this!  Happy Fall!!

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