Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apples, Apples, Apples!

Our theme for this past week was APPLES!  We introduced the apple theme by working with our short a sound and making the apple shape book with the short a pictures inside.  Our centers were all apple themed also.

 apple trees and centers 004apple trees and centers 007

They listened to the story Apples, Apples, Apples, and then played a game called “Rotten Apple”.  This game had our vocabulary words on it. They drew a card and read the word on the card, If they knew the word they got to keep the card. If they drew a card with an apple with a worm in it, they had to call out “Rotten Apple!” and they lost all the cards they had collected.  They had a lot of fun playing this game.

apple trees and centers 005

This game was Rhyming with Johnny Appleseed. They found rhyming pairs of short a words. 

apple trees and centers 006

At this center they ordered numbered apples from least to greatest.

apple trees and centers 002

Students drew cards with math facts on them and used counters to join sets to find the sum for the game Apple Addition.

apple trees and centers 001

This center was geared towards handwriting. They copied a poem using their neatest handwriting using their lines and spaces and then illustrated the poem.

 apples 002apples 009

During one of our desk jobs the students made a shape book called All About Apples.

apples 008

Labeling the parts of an apple was an art job we did during our center desk job.

apple trees and centers 009  apple trees and centers 010 apple trees and centers 011

Another desk job during centers was making these torn apple trees.

Happy Apple Men 001Happy Apple Men 003Happy Apple Men 002

These are our “Happy Apple Men”!  They are proud of their art jobs!

apples 003apples 010

We combined our apple theme with a few math lessons also.  On the promethean we worked on ordering 2 numbers from least to greatest and then did 3 numbers and then 4 numbers in order from least to greatest.

We also read a Dr. Seuss story Ten Apples Up on Top and then did a math activity on the promethean where the students were pictured with apples up on top.  They had to figure out the combination of red and green apples “up on top”.

apples 006apples 007

After doing the activity on the promethean we went back to our desks and rolled red and green dice to make combinations of our own and put them in a book of our classmates pictures called “How Many Apples Up On Top"?”

apples 004 apples 005

         Seasons of An Apple Tree 004

The last activity we did was read the story The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree. We then painted our own seasons of an apple tree.

 Seasons of An Apple Tree 002 Seasons of An Apple Tree 003  

As you can see this was a busy week of Apples, Apples, Apples!


  1. This looks great!! Thanks for all of the inspiring ideas.

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