Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sensational Space!!

We have spent the past two weeks traveling the solar system and learning about the stars, moon, sun, and planets.  The kids really enjoyed this unit!  Our centers went a long with this unit and here are some of the things we did:Spectacular Space 017

This was called Meteor Math Wizard.  They rolled two dice and a + and – die and generated math sentences to go with the way the dice rolled out.  They recorded their work and covered the answer on their game board.

Spectacular Space 014Spectacular Space 018

This was star sentence scramble.  They had to unscramble words to make a complete sentence and space fact. They also had to include capital letters and punctuation marks.

Spectacular Space 013

This center was a favorite!  The kids played Race to the Moon and Race Back to Earth using a number line.  They rolled a die and moved that many spaces forward on the number line until they reached the moon.  They recorded addition math facts as they moved forward to the moon.  After they reached the moon they raced back to Earth by subtracting. 


Spectacular Space 015

This was Star Math Problems.  They had to sort the stars with math problems on them into the correct answer and record their problems on a record sheet.

 Spectacular Space 016

On a Money Mission!  They had to count the coins on the cards and match the amounts up with the correct star card.

Spectacular Space 048 Spectacular Space 041 Spectacular Space 044 Spectacular Space 045 Spectacular Space 046 Spectacular Space 047

These are the space books that we made to go along with our unit.  We learned about each planet in our books.  They did a great job on learning facts about each of the planets.

After learning about each of the planets and how they orbit the sun we made a space picture with the order of the planets from the sun.  They also got to add “glitter” stars which made this project extra fun!

Spectacular Space 007 Spectacular Space 001 Spectacular Space 002 Spectacular Space 003 Spectacular Space 004

The moon was neat to learn about.  We made a Phases of the Moon Project to see how the moon changes.  They loved the book by Eric Carle, Papa Please Get the Moon for Me.

Spectacular Space 012 Spectacular Space 005 Spectacular Space 006 Spectacular Space 008 Spectacular Space 009 Spectacular Space 010 Spectacular Space 011

The sun is a very special star that we can see all the time…even though it is 93 million miles from our planet Earth! We learned that it is not the hottest star but not the coolest star either.  They liked learning about constellations also.

Spectacular Space 043

One of our favorite projects was done after reading the book Space Case by Edward Marshall.  This story is about a space “thing” that comes down to Earth and gets to go trick or treating and go to school.  I had the students write about what it would be like to have a “space thing” visit them here on Earth.  In their stories they had to name their Space friend, tell where it came from, why did it come down to Earth, what would it do on Earth, and tell if their space friend would stay on Earth or would it leave and why. They were very creative!  These are our “Space Friends”!

Spectacular Space 049 Spectacular Space 020 Spectacular Space 021 Spectacular Space 022 Spectacular Space 023 Spectacular Space 024 Spectacular Space 025 Spectacular Space 026 Spectacular Space 027 Spectacular Space 028 Spectacular Space 029 Spectacular Space 030 Spectacular Space 031 Spectacular Space 032 Spectacular Space 033 Spectacular Space 034 Spectacular Space 035 Spectacular Space 036 Spectacular Space 037 Spectacular Space 038 Spectacular Space 039 Spectacular Space 040 Spectacular Space 042

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunny Day!

Happy Easter to everyone!  Today we got to bring our bunnies to school for Bunny Day!  We made bunny headbands and bunny sacks that we got to fill with Easter eggs from our softball pen pals and Easter candy! Thanks for sending the candy for our sacks! We also created a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast our bunny with a friend’s bunny. 

 Bunny Day 032Bunny Day 033Bunny Day 025Bunny Day 024 Bunny Day 027 Bunny Day 028 Bunny Day 030 Bunny Day 031  

Here are the kids with their bunnies they brought to share and with their headbands and bunny sacks. 

Bunny Day 021 Bunny Day 022 Bunny Day 023 Bunny Day 001 Bunny Day 002 Bunny Day 003 Bunny Day 006 Bunny Day 007 Bunny Day 008 Bunny Day 009 Bunny Day 010 Bunny Day 011 Bunny Day 012 Bunny Day 013 Bunny Day 014 Bunny Day 015 Bunny Day 016 Bunny Day 017 Bunny Day 018 Bunny Day 019 Bunny Day 020