Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zip Around!

Ask your kids about the fun game we played to reinforce the learning of our color words.  We also played the game using our sight words.  They loved being timed as teams to see which team could “Zip Around” the fastest!

Brown Day 009 Brown Day 008

Brown Day!

Brown, Brown, Your Jeans Fell Down!!  That was the way our crazy day started with our color monster poem.  We also learned the poem Brown is the mud. Brown is the bear, Brown is the color of my teacher’s hair! We used the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr. for most of our activities. We acted out the story using the characters from the story, made our own Brown Bear book, and our art job was making some cute brown bears. We loved our brown chocolate cakes brought by Layton!  I hope they shared the reading of the Brown Bear books.  They liked the activity we did with “Pick, Pair, and Share” where we got a partner and read the story to each other.

Brown Day 003Brown Day 001  Brown Day 002Brown Day 012  Brown Day 004 Brown Day 005 Brown Day 006 Brown Day 007 Brown Day 010 Brown Day 011

Black, White, and Gray Day!

Black is the night and a witches hat.  Black is licorice and that witch’s cat! Our monster poem was Black, black played quarterback! We had chocolate graham crackers that had white frosting and gray sprinkles brought by Luke’s mom! We did some brainstorming on opposites and then we read a pop up book by Chuck Murphy called Black Cat, White Cat about opposites.  We then made our own opposite book. We also read the story Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion about a dog that is white with black spots but gets so dirty that he ends up black with white spots. The kids then made some cute black and white dogs.  Here are the cute dogs we made:

Black Day 002 Black Day 001  Black Day 003 Black Day 004 Black Day 005

Pink Day!

Pink is cotton candy, pink is a flower, pink is a grapefruit that is really sour!!  Our pink monster was “Pink, Pink, sat in the sink!” Have your child share their poems with you. We did several things with the story the Three Little Pigs and made pink pigs. We worked on rhyming and story sequencing. We liked the story Pinkalicious also by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann.  Hailey’s mom brought us some yummy pink cupcakes!

Pink Day 009 Pink Day 001 Pink Day 002 Pink Day 003 Pink Day 004 Pink Day 005 Pink Day 006 Pink Day 007

Purple Day!

Purple is a grape, purple is a plum, purple is my favorite juice, shall I get you some?  Our colored monster poem was “Purple, purple, had to burple!”  We started our day reading the story Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes and made some purple "purses" or "backpacks" (for the boys) and worked on sequencing story events. Luke brought us some purple fruit roll ups that were delicious! Madison brought some purple M&M’s and PB&J crackers to send home on our purple day too!

Purple Day 001Purple Day 007  Purple Day 002 Purple Day 003 Purple Day 004  Purple Day 006 Purple Day 005

We loved reciting the poem “I’ve never seen a purple cow, I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow,  I’d rather see one than be one!”  We then brainstormed animals and picked crazy colors for them and made our own poems.  We also made some cute purple cows!

Purple Day 008Purple Day 010Purple Day 009


Orange Day!

Orange is a carrot and the orange I eat. Orange is the orange socks I wear upon my feet!  Our orange monster today was “Orange, Orange, squished an orange!” Owen brought us some yummy orange Cheeze Its for snack time!  We read the story Cat’s Colors by Jane Cabrera and learned that Cat’s favorite color is ORANGE!  We then brainstormed orange things and put them in an orange book with Cat’s cute face on it. We also read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes.  It is a great story to discuss bullying and how it can affect our friends at school.  We worked on syllables in words and our names and practiced our neatest handwriting as we wrote our first and last name.  We also added up the letters in our first and last name. Here are our cute cats!

Orange Day 001Orange Day 007  Orange Day 002 Orange Day 003 Orange Day 004 Orange Day 005 Orange Day 006

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Green Day!

Our color monster today was “Green, Green is a dancing queen!” Our color poem was “Green is the grass under both my feet, green is the broccoli my mother makes me eat!” We started the day reading the story The Aminal about a little boy that finds an “aminal” that is round, green, has prickles, friendly, and wants to hide.  The aminal gets lost and the little boy has to find it with the help of his friends.  He describes the “aminal”.  When he describes it the kids all think it is this terrible monster.  Our class predicts what the “aminal” really is and then I finished the story and they find out it is just a round, green, little turtle! After we read the story we then wrote our own clues about our own “aminal”.  They did a great job!

Green Day 008

Another green day activity was making a snake after reading the story Verdi. It was about a young yellow snake that grows up to be an old green snake.  We did a compare and contrast of being an old snake and young snake.  They enjoyed making the cute snakes while we had yummy green cookies brought by Kaleb’s mom.

Green Day 006Green Day 007 Green Day 001 Green Day 002 Green Day 003 Green Day 004   Green Day 005

The end of our day was the best part of our green day.  We read the book Little Blue and Little Yellow about two colored spots of blue and yellow that are friends and when they meet they hug and turn green!  We got to mix our primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to make our secondary colors.  We used frosting to do this activity and they loved it!  They then got to put the frosting on “aminal” crackers!

Green Day 009Green Day 010Green Day 016   Green Day 011 Green Day 012 Green Day 013 Green Day 014 Green Day 015

It was a fun filled week!  I think we got off to a great start our first week!  Besides all of the fun color activities we are busy working on our math skills and reviewing our letters and sounds and kindergarten words.  Our days are filled from start to finish!  Thanks again for all the help with sending supplies for our activities.