Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our First Week of Centers

Well, we made it through our first week of centers and did very well with the new routine!  Learning to read our nametags was a challenge to see where we needed to be for 4 rotations each day.  The kids follow a nametag and go to two centers each day and do a desk job and meet with me at teacher time and guided reading each day. Of course we could not get through our rotations without the help of our special parent helpers each day!!  Here is a look at some of the activities that we did our first week.

First Week of Centers 001

They listened to the story My Crayons Can Talk and made a booklet to go with this story. It is a cute little jingle that rhymes with our color words.

First Week of Centers 002

They got to go on the computers and go to a favorite website and play games.

First Week of Centers 003

At this center they practiced the spelling of each of the color words and then got to stamp the color words with letter stamps.

First Week of Centers 005

At this center they worked on sorting and graphing groups of crayons.  They then compared groups of less than and more than by reading their graphs.

First Week of Centers 008

This was a hands on center where they worked with puzzles.  Problem solving skills are put to use as they pieced the puzzles together.  They did color words, the alphabet, numbers, and days of the week.

First Week of Centers 010 First Week of Centers 011

This is one of my favorite desk activities that I got from Owen’s grandma when I taught with her.  The kids made “Color Sticks” and then used their sight words to create sentences. They enjoyed this activity a lot.  Thanks Mrs. Higgins! (she is a retired Maize teacher now)

First Week of Centers 015 First Week of Centers 014

Another desk activity we did was graphing our Fruit Loops brought by Carter.  We grouped them by color and then graphed them and compared our groups of less than and greater than.  Thanks for bringing the the Fruit Loops Carter!

First Week of Centers 007 First Week of Centers 006

When the kids are with me at teacher time we play games, practice our reading words, and read a book together.  They then get to take the books home and share them with you each night.  I appreciate all the help you give them with their reading.  They love to read to you and share what we are doing here at school!

First Week of Centers 009

When they bring their folders back to school with their “Home School Connection” signed and the books are returned they earn stickers for their chart.  When their chart is filled up they get to earn prizes!  So keep reading, sign their forms, and remember to return the books and folders each day to school.  Thanks again for all you do at home to support what we do here at school!!

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