Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome Octo-bear!

Octo-bear 022

It was a fun Friday where we welcomed the month of “Octo-bear”!  The kids brought their bears and we did a whole day of Octo-bear things.  Our Math lesson was a lot of fun working on math combinations of 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  They got to use Teddy Grahams as their counters and show all the facts for each number.  They were very hard workers!

Octo-bear 002 

Octo-bear 001

Here are their bear friends that they brought to school.  Next week we will do Octo-bear themed centers and several other bear activities.

Octo-bear 023 Octo-bear 003 Octo-bear 004 Octo-bear 005 Octo-bear 006 Octo-bear 007 Octo-bear 008 Octo-bear 009 Octo-bear 010 Octo-bear 011 Octo-bear 012 Octo-bear 015 Octo-bear 013 Octo-bear 014 Octo-bear 016 Octo-bear 017 Octo-bear 018 Octo-bear 019 Octo-bear 020 Octo-bear 021

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