Friday, October 29, 2010

Amazing Bats!

We spent all week learning about nocturnal animals and bats. We learned that bats are nocturnal animals that are shy and even helpful to us by eating all the pesky insects. After learning about bats all week the kids wrote their own Bat Facts Stories. They did a really nice job!

Bats 003 Bats 002

Bats 026 Bats 024 Bats 025 Bats 023 Bats 004 Bats 005 Bats 006 Bats 007 Bats 008 Bats 009 Bats 010 Bats 011 Bats 012 Bats 013 Bats 015 Bats 016 Bats 017 Bats 018 Bats 019 Bats 020 Bats 021 Bats 022


  1. What a cute idea! Do you have the All About Bats template? Did you create tracers for the bat craft? I am planning to do a few bat activities in the upcoming week or two!

    Frolicking Through First

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