Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plants and Earth Day!

It seems like a lifetime ago that I worked on this blog. (and just realized that these posts are out of order sorry!) PLEASE forgive me…I just can’t seem to keep up with my own kid’s schedules these days. With one daughter wrapping up her college softball season and traveling to Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas City, and Emporia on the weekends doesn’t leave me much time. And my middle daughter wrapping up her senior year… I have been busy planning and celebrating her graduation and the excitement of her high school softball team making it to state! Tonight I worked on grades and now I am trying to catch up all the pictures from the last 3 weeks… a LOT of learning has been done! Here is what we did with our plant unit:

These were some of the centers: Place Value Flower Pots: they rolled place value dice of 100’s 10’s and 1’s and created the largest number they could and compared them to their center partner. They did sentence scrambles about plants.

DSC00779 DSC00755

Growing Base Words and making new words using suffix endings of –ing, –ed, and –s. Then they read words on vegetables and decided if they were ripe (real) or rotten (nonsense) words.

DSC00756 DSC00757

Our spelling rule was using the ending sound of y and we sorted words that made the long e sound using the y and the long i sound using the ending sound of y. Another center was “Time to Bloom” where they worked on time to the 1/2 hour.

DSC00759 DSC00760

One of our reading skills was learning about “homophones”: words that sound the same but spelled different. They matched these flower homophone partners. Our listening center was Franklin Plants a Tree. They did comprehension questions after listening to this story. This story led into our Earth Day Celebration.

DSC00764 DSC00762  

We made these cute Earth Day Creatures to celebrate that all living things need to be taken care of and our part is to take care of our planet Earth!

DSC00761 DSC00763

We read the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and made these plant posters to show what all plants need to grow.

DSC00768  DSC00765

We decorated our room with these cute flowers. We are all GROWING in First Grade!

DSC00770 DSC00775


  1. LOVE what you have posted!

  2. What a darling bulletin board. Your art projects are really special! I love your science blogs so much!

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