Sunday, May 22, 2011

Animal Unit: Insects

We began our animal unit a few weeks ago and started our learning with insects. We used a lot of fun literature to supplement our learning.  We were “busy bees” learning about butterflies, bees, and ladybugs. Our center learning was matching butterfly buddies using synonyms, subtracting facts to find answers of 4, 5, 6,and 7, Bugged Out Suffix Endings, and our listening center was using the story Tumble Bumble where the students found action words, sequenced story events, and made story predictions. We read literature selections of The Grouchy Ladybug and The Very Lazy Ladybug, then wrote our own version of the Lonely Ladybug and how the ladybug finds a friend. They love sharing their story creations! They do such a good job!

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Learning doesn’t BUG US!!!


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