Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome Winter!

We got back to the new year with several cute snowmen stories to go with our theme this week. They are hoping to make one of their own snowmen soon! (It is actually snowing right now as I post this…so we may get our wish!) We decorated our room with these cute star snowmen. The kids do such a great job with our art jobs. They LOVE art!!


Here are some favorite snowmen books to get us thinking about SNOW!!

DSC00017 DSC00018 DSC00019 

We made these snowmen folders to use as a portfolio to hold all of our work we did this last nine weeks. I hope they shared all their assessments and writing samples that were used to do our grading this nine weeks. They should be very proud of their progress! I am very excited about the growth I am seeing in our classroom!!Grades will be posted January 10.

DSC00016DSC00012 DSC00013 DSC00014 DSC00015

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  1. I love the snowman craft! I'm definitely going to do this with my class! Thanks for sharing!