Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome Back to School!

After a groggy first day back after the new year we bounced back into routine very well. They have worked hard and are becoming more and more independent! We welcomed our new season of winter with some winter centers and some fun snowman stories. Here is some of the fun and hard work that we did this week:

This center was called Snowball Bingo. They got to roll a cool die with a die inside a die. They also rolled a + or – cube and then generated number sentences to go with the numbers they rolled. They had to know how to complete a subtraction problem using the largest number first and subtract the smaller number rolled. After they got their answers they got to cover their bingo board.


At this center they problem solved and covered a snowman with pattern blocks. Then graphed the number of pattern blocks they used for their pictures. Then they played Snowman Turndown. They had numbers 0-5 on cards. They rolled a die and then they tried to make two numbers that added up to the number they rolled on their die. If they could do this they turned over those two numbers and a snowman was on the other side. They worked hard to see what combinations they could make and who could get the most Snowmen turned over.DSC09987

Everyday at calendar we sing our money song and work on recognizing coins and learning their values. At this center they got to add pennies, nickels, and dimes to find out how much money each snowman had.

DSC09988 Here they used winter words and put them into ABC order. They also had to work on putting words that started with the same letter in ABC order. We have worked hard recognizing they had to go to the 2nd letter to decided which word would come first.

DSC09989 DSC09990 DSC09991

Our sentence scrambles got a new challenge for the kids in the new year. There were no words that had capitals and no punctuation marks, so they had to figure out the order of the sentence and if it was a telling sentence or asking sentence. Then they wrote them correctly with all the mechanics needed. They did a very good job!


  1. These are some GREAT ideas!!! I want to use all of them, I teach first grade(spanish) so I always have a hard time of finding bilingual material. Always have to translate and recreate my own material.

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