Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Snow Day

After having 2 days off from the snow and cold we came back and did a huge writing project and wrote about their own snow day. They worked hard to put in the story elements of Who? Where? When? What? and How? into their story. We also did a story map together and made a class story to model the writing process of having a beginning, middle, and end to their story. They did a very nice job and continue to get better each time we write. These stories are hanging outside our classroom. Come by and read them!

Snow Day 028 Snow Day 007 Snow Day 008 Snow Day 009 Snow Day 010 Snow Day 011 Snow Day 012 Snow Day 013 Snow Day 014 Snow Day 015 Snow Day 016 Snow Day 017 Snow Day 018 Snow Day 019 Snow Day 020 Snow Day 021 Snow Day 022 Snow Day 023 Snow Day 024 Snow Day 025 Snow Day 027

We also read a lot of snow stories but a favorite that has been around a very long time is My Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. We then made some snow friends to hang out with our stories. They were really cute!

Snow Day 026

To go along with our snow theme we made these “snowflakes” and torn snowmen. They were very creative and it got it us ready for the snow!

Snow Day 004 Snow Day 005 Snow Day 006 Snow Day 001 Snow Day 002 Snow Day 003


  1. I just love your snowy writing project! Did you use patterns for the people, hats, scarves, etc.?
    Thanks for sharing!

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