Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reindeer Day!

We enjoyed several different stories about other reindeer besides “Rudolph” the famous reindeer. We then make a facts chart of what we know about real reindeer. We then read a few books to give us some more information and we added to our facts chart a list of what we learned. We also created a reindeer facts book of our own in a cute reindeer art project.

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We  made reindeer antlers after reading the story Olive the Other Reindeer.  It’s about a dog named Olive who hears on the radio that Santa is looking for “All of the Other Reindeer” and he decides that Santa is looking for “Olive” so he goes to the North Pole to help out.  Then we made our very own set of reindeer antlers just like the ones Santa gave Olive at the end of the story.

Reindeer Day 007 Reindeer Day 008 Reindeer Day 009 Reindeer Day 010 Reindeer Day 011 Reindeer Day 012

After all of the different stories were read about reindeer and facts were gathered, the kids got to write their own reindeer adventure. They did a great job and enjoyed being authors and sharing their stories with their classmates. They wrote for over an hour! I was so impressed!!

  Reindeer Day 013 Reindeer Day 014 Reindeer Day 016 Reindeer Day 017Reindeer Day 019Reindeer Day 020Reindeer Day 015   Reindeer Day 018

To send our little reindeer on their way the kids got to take home some reindeer food to sprinkle in their yard so Santa and his reindeer could find their way to their houses. They really enjoyed our reindeer day! I hope they shared their creative writing with you!

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