Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Just An Ordinary Potato

We listened to an Irish Folktale about a lazy Irishman that plants a magic potato seed that he gets from a leprechaun and ends up with a HUGE potato that fed the families around him for a whole year! The families all worked together to dig the potato up and got to share the potato when they finally got it up. This story is told in honor of the Irish Potato Famine back in the 1800’s by Tomie DePaola. After we finished reading the story we each got to make a large potato and turn it into something else and we then wrote about what they created…so these are not just ordinary potatoes…enjoy!

Jack made a Hobo that will do whatever it wants and wants money. Sara made a robber that eats corndogs. Matthew made a sea monster that migrates in the Atlantic ocean and eats flounder and salmon. Jordan made a Cowgirl that lives in a barn and eats vegetables. Dorothy made a mom with her daughter that live in a house together. Carter made a puppy that can run and fetch and lives in a doghouse. Savannah made a princess that lives in a castle and you have to do what she says. Alli made a queen that rules America and eats pancakes. Bella made her friend Dorothy that eats fish and plays with her sister. Emma made a “sun potato” that is hot and lives up in the sky. Meaghann made a rock star that can sing and dance and rides in a cool van. Seth made a sword and it’s enemy is a pickle. Josh made a hockey player named Tack. His hockey player played in Tulsa that rhymes with “salsa”. Kaden made an alien that loves his teacher and lives at school. Baylee made a dancer that is homeless but wants to be rich and wear fancy clothes. Todd made a jet potato that goes around the earth. Tyler made a hockey player that lives in an arena that can slam players against the glass and steal pucks away. Mitchael made a clown that likes to make funny faces. Angel made a flying potato that flies in a rocket and lands in the dessert. Kelsey made a shiny green knight in armor that lives in a cave and fights other knights. Joselynn made a cowgirl.

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