Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lucky Charms

Our class joined up with the other classes in our hallway to do an online program where we graphed and tallied the number of marshmallow shapes in a box of Lucky Charms.  We were looking to see if there were more four leaf clovers than the other shapes.  Our class had 102 four leaf clovers and that shape was the most for our class.  We counted 587 shapes in our box of Lucky Charms.  Our five classes tallied 2605 marshmallow shapes in all and the four leaf clovers won by 2!  It was a fun activity to do.  We will check when we get back from Spring Break to see if the online project showed that the four leaf clover wins overall with all the classes that participated in the project around the United States.

 Lucky Charms 006 Lucky Charms 001Lucky Charms 002 Lucky Charms 003 Lucky Charms 004 Lucky Charms 005  Lucky Charms 011 Lucky Charms 014Lucky Charms 013  Lucky Charms 016Lucky Charms 017  Lucky Charms 018




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