Sunday, September 11, 2011

ABC Finale-A Potluck from A-Z!

We ended our ABC week with a fun story called Potluck.  It is about twins named Alpha and Betty that invite their friends from A-Z to a potluck.  Each child brings something that begins like the first letter of their name.  It was a lot of fun eating our way from A-Z!  The kids also made a class book about our potluck to add to our class library of books we have created. 

Potluck blog post

Here is a look at what the kids brought. Thanks for making learning so much fun and for sending the items to share with the class!  (Aren’t they cute!)

Potluck food blog

Potluck food blog 2

Thanks again parents for helping us out and making the day fun and YUMMY!


  1. what a awesome idea!!! I LOVE this! And I love that you shared a picture of what everyone brought! This is such a great idea!!!!

    I'm so glad I recently came across your blog! I teach Pre-K, but am amazed by how inspired I am by other grade level blogs!! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  2. Thank you so much! It is a very fun and yummy day!

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