Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Animals!

Amazing Animals 009

After learning about insects we started our week learning about a different animal class each day.  We learned about the animal class of amphibians and did a compare and contrast on toads and frogs.  We also did  a life cycle study on insects vs. amphibians and learned about “metamorphosis”.

Amazing Animals 011 Amazing Animals 001  Amazing Animals 003 Amazing Animals 004 Amazing Animals 005 Amazing Animals 006 Amazing Animals 007 Amazing Animals 002Amazing Animals 008

Next we studied “Radical Reptiles” and made these neat turtles.

Amazing Animals 016 Amazing Animals 012 Amazing Animals 013 Amazing Animals 014 Amazing Animals 015

Mammals are marvelous!  We are mammals too!  They got to make these neat mammals after writing about the characteristics in our animal books.

Amazing Animals 018Amazing Animals 022 Amazing Animals 017  Amazing Animals 019 Amazing Animals 020 Amazing Animals 021

Fish are Fascinating!! We finished up our week learning about fish facts.  We made these fish pockets where we sorted words on cut out fish into an adjective pocket, noun pocket, and verb pocket.  Then we went fishing!  We hooked an adjective, noun, and verb and wrote a sentence with the words that we caught!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don’t Bug Us!

We are finishing up our school year with an animal unit. We are learning about how animals are classified. We started our unit with insects. We studied the lifecycles of insects and learned a little more about a few of our favorites: ladybugs, butterflies, and bees.

Insects 002Insects 003Insects 004Insects 001Insects 005Insects 006Insects 007 Insects 008 Insects 018

We used our math lesson on symmetry and made our butterfly wings “symmetrical”.

Insects 009 Insects 010 Insects 011 Insects 012 Insects 013 Insects 014Insects 015Insects 016Insects 017

Fraction Action

In math we are learning how to divide shapes into equal parts and learning about fractions.  We made these caterpillars out of shapes and then divided the shapes into 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1 whole, and then they got to divide their last shape on their own showing equal parts and labeling their fractionsFractions 004 Fractions 001 Fractions 002 Fractions 003 .

Weather Wizards

We took a week to learn about different elements of weather and how they are made.  The first day we learned about wind.  We read the story Gilberto and the Wind and discussed how wind can be helpful and harmful.  We did a picture sort to show both helpful and harmful wind.  We then made these kites.Weather Unit 005Weather Unit 006 Weather Unit 001 Weather Unit 002 Weather Unit 003 Weather Unit 004 

The next day we learned about how clouds are formed and discussed the different types of clouds.  We then made these cloud pictures after reading the books It Looked Like Spilt Milk, Little Cloud, and Dreams.

Weather Unit 021Weather Unit 023Weather Unit 022Weather Unit 024

See if you can find the turtle, dinosaur, hearts, basket, dragon, worm, dolphin, snake, cat, butterfly, or pirate ship…use your imagination and see what shapes these clouds make….

Weather Unit 031 Weather Unit 008 Weather Unit 009 Weather Unit 010 Weather Unit 011 Weather Unit 012 Weather Unit 013 Weather Unit 014 Weather Unit 015 Weather Unit 016 Weather Unit 017 Weather Unit 018 Weather Unit 019 Weather Unit 020     Weather Unit 025 Weather Unit 026 Weather Unit 027 Weather Unit 028 Weather Unit 029 Weather Unit 030

We did a very fun science experiment to learn about the water cycle and how it rains.  First we read the book Follow a Raindrop then did a drawing of Little Raindrops Adventure and followed the raindrop as it dropped from the sky, was heated up by the sun, (evaporated), then formed into tiny drops of water to make a cloud (condensation), then learned that the cloud gets cold and heavy with drops of water and then fall to the ground again as rain.

Weather Unit 032 

We used a hot plate to symbolize our “Sun” and how it heats up the water.

Weather Unit 033

Here is our “lake” or “pond” or “puddle” with the pan of water symbolizing these.

Weather Unit 034

We were able to turn off the light and use a flashlight to see the water vapor rising in the air and how a cloud was being formed.  Then we used ice to show that as the water vapor rises it cools off. As it did that, tiny drops of water (condensation) gathered under the pie plate.  Then the drops got heavy and dropped to the floor as rain!

Weather Unit 035

Weather Unit 037

They thought this was pretty cool…but the kids also wanted it to REALLY rain in our classroom!

After reading about rain we moved on to THUNDERSTORMS!  I read the story Thundercake to them about a little girl that was afraid of storms and how her grandmother helped her stop being afraid of the thunder by making a “thundercake”.  I brought the kids a “rainbow thundercake” to eat.  They loved it and then we wrapped up our week of weather with rainbows! 

Rainbows 029Rainbows 030 

We made our friend “Roy G. Biv” to help remember the order of the colors of the rainbow. 

Rainbows 001Rainbows 003Rainbows 008  Rainbows 002  Rainbows 004 Rainbows 005 Rainbows 006 Rainbows 007

After learning about the raindrops forming “prisms” and the sunlight shining through them to make a rainbow we made some torn art rainbows and wrote about things that are the colors in the rainbow.

Rainbows 014Rainbows 013Rainbows 039   Rainbows 015 Rainbows 016 Rainbows 017 Rainbows 018 Rainbows 019 Rainbows 020 Rainbows 021 Rainbows 022 Rainbows 023 Rainbows 024 Rainbows 025 Rainbows 026 Rainbows 027 Rainbows 028 Rainbows 031 Rainbows 032 Rainbows 033 Rainbows 034 Rainbows 035 Rainbows 036 Rainbows 037 Rainbows 038