Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Week and Short i pigs and reading!

We have had a full week of apples!!  We did lots of fun math jobs with our apple combinations, Ten Apples On Top was a favorite book.  The kids saw a PowerPoint with their pictures and apples up on top that I had made. They had to tell the math sentence that would go with their picture.  Then we did our own story problems with apples and our pictures.  We learned about Johnny Appleseed (also known as John Chapman) and made a cute art job of Johnny.  Lots of our centers had to do with using apples and putting numbers in order least to greatest, Rotten Apple word game using our vocabulary words, apple number sentences, and apple graphing. 

We also had a busy week learning short i and decoding words using our short vowels of short i and short a.  We made some cute short i pigs and put in pictures and words that said short i.  The kids loved the game I made called “Stuck in the Mud”.  It had pigs with our short i words to read and decode and if they could read the word they got to keep it.  If they got a card that said “Stuck in the Mud” they had to put all their cards back. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shake the Beans Math Games and Writing our First Stories!

We have enjoyed working on our math combinations using two sided beans and making number combinations.  The kids love the game!  We also wrote our first stories on our own Friday.  We wrote about the character from our readers called Mac the Cat.  They did a great job!  I will share these writing  samples at our conferences.

ABC Potluck

We had a fun Friday finishing up our ABC unit with the story Potluck by Anne Shelby.  It is a story about Alpha and Betty that invite their friends to a “potluck”.  Each friend brings something that begins like their first name.  The kids had a lot of fun sharing their abc snacks and we enjoyed eating them too!  we also made a class book showing what we brought to the potluck. Here is a list of what was brought in our classroom:

Seth brought Stickers fruit rollups.

Mitchael brought M&M’s.

Gavin brought Goldfish crackers.

Tyler brought Twizzlers and Trix cereal.

Sara brought salami.

Meaghann brought muffins.

Carter brought carrots.

Emma brought E.L. Fudge cookies.

Josh brought juice packets.

Kaden brought Kit Kats.

Haley brought hotdogs.

Baylee brought Butterfingers.

Bella brought Blue Bunny Brownies.

Alli brought animal crackers.

Savannah brought strawberry rolls.

Todd brought Twizzlers.

Kesley brought carrot cupcakes.

Jack brought Apple Jacks.

Jordan brought Jolly Ranchers.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Center Fun and Starbucks Shopping!

Center Fun and Starbucks Shopping!

Centers are going pretty smoothly. They love to smile as they do their centers! We finished up our color day centers. They did very well on writing complete sentences using their sight words and color words.
We finished up our week shopping with our Starbucks they have collected for good behavior, neat work, and good citizenship in and out of the classroom. They had a lot of fun shopping and spending their "bucks"! Some of the kids are saving up for big items when they get to shop next time!