Saturday, February 11, 2012

There’s No Place Like Kansas!! Celebrating Kansas’ Birthday!

Kansas 1

Kansas 2

Kansas 3

kansas 4


Special thanks to Abby from the Inspired Apple for sharing her darling art project of the ruby slippers/sneakers. We used this idea for our creative writing project. We took a tour of our school and visited all the places: music, PE, library, counselor, computer lab, nurse, office, cafeteria, etc…
When we got back to the room we talked about how all the people that worked in our building help us out and how they are important to our learning. They then wrote about our school and why it is such a special place. They were so creative and really brightened up our hallways at conference time!! We had a lot of compliments. I am so proud of their efforts with the writing process!!


There's No Place Like MES

100 Days Smarter!

It has been a few weeks since our 100th day of school…so we are 100+ days smarter by now! Here is a look at what we did on our 100th day of school.


100th day 1

100th day 2

100th day 3

A few thought we were done after 100 days of school. But, we have a lot of learning left to do!