Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bunny Business!

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We spent this past week learning all we could about real rabbits. It was a week of “Bunny Business”. After researching and learning about rabbits we made these rabbit shape books that held a booklet of information on rabbits. We also learned about the many different kinds of rabbits and did a Venn diagram to compare the likes and differences of rabbits and hares.

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After all of our learning about rabbits we wrote what we thought it would be like to be a bunny. We filled out a graphic organizer that answered these questions: What kind of bunny are you? What do you look like? Where do you live? What is your home like? What do you like to eat? Where do you get your food? What do you do during the day? What do you do at night? What is the best thing about being a bunny? After filling out the graphic organizer they turned their answers into complete sentences and wrote facts about what it would be like if they were a bunny. They did a great job using details to explain about their homes, being nocturnal animals, and finished up with what is the best thing about being a bunny. I loved them! We then placed our stories on these bunny shapes they made:

Bunny Day 075 Bunny Day 076 Bunny Day 072 Bunny Day 073 Bunny Day 074

We enjoyed a lot of fiction literature selections that we did some activities with. We read 3 different books by Marilyn Sadler about Honey Bunny and PJ Bunny. After reading Money, Money, Honey Bunny we did an activity using rhyming words and money combinations.

 Bunny Day 047 Bunny Day 048 Bunny Day 049

Then we read Honey Bunny Funnybunny. It was about PJ Funnybunny that did pranks on his sister. We then did a creative writing using first, next, then, and last to tell what pranks PJ Bunny would do if he came to our school. Here are a few samples of what they came up with. Notice someone thought of duct taping Mrs. Schmelzer to the wall!

Bunny Day 008Bunny Day 009Bunny Day 015 Bunny Day 012Bunny Day 016   Bunny Day 014Bunny Day 013Bunny Day 010   

The last book by Marilyn Sadler was It’s Not Easy Being A Bunny. PJ Funnybunny was not happy being a bunny because he had to eat mashed carrots every day, he had floppy ears, etc… so he decided he would join other animal families and found out that being a bunny was not so bad. The kids wrote about being other animals and why it wouldn’t work out for PJ.

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We finished up the week making cute bunny grids for an art job.

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We also read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. We did a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast these characters and stories. We then wrote our own stories called the Tale of ________________ Rabbit. They made themselves the character and told about their adventure of being a naughty rabbit and where they went (some went into Mrs. Schmelzer’s garden) to eat and who chased them and how they got away. We put these Peter Rabbits onto our books that we wrote.

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Our centers were all Bunny Themed also. Here is a look at the different centers we did:

At this center they sorted eggs into baskets of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They then took one word from each column and wrote a super sentence.

Bunny Day 018

At this center they read riddles and answered the riddles with an Easter word and put them into an egg shape and made “eggstra” special riddles.

Bunny Business 001

Here they worked on making real and nonsense words using the long e vowel patterns.

Bunny Business 002

After reading sentences they had to sort them into real and fantasy categories and then recorded them on their record sheet.

Bunny Business 003

They made an ABC order book with all of these Easter words and wrote each word into a complete sentence.

Bunny Business 008

They matched up these chocolate bunnies with the chocolate eggs that were full of money.

Bunny Day 017

Last of all we finished Friday with our Bunny Day! We brought our stuffed bunnies to school and did a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast their bunnies with their friends. We also made bunny headbands and bunny sacks to fill with Easter treats. Thank you families for sending the treats. It was a wonderful week! I hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER!!!

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