Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Holly Jolly, The Grinch, Polar Express, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends and family! Wow, getting back into the swing of things has been tough! Decided tonight was the night to download pictures off the camera and realized that I had not finished my posts from our last week before the holiday break! We had a fun filled week too with Holly Jolly Centers, The Grinch, and Polar Express. Here is a look at some of the things we finished 2011 with.



A few of our centers were using nouns and adjectives to make complete Holly Jolly Sentences. They put Holly Jolly words in ABC order and used them correctly in sentences. They sorted  math facts at the Rockin Reindeer center. They also sorted candy canes and graphed them by color and added sets.


Grinch Day!


We read the famous How the Grinch Stole Christmas and brainstormed words of what the Grinch was like at the beginning of the story and they wrote how the Grinch behaved at the beginning.



After reading the story we brainstormed words to describe how the Grinch was feeling at the end of the story and wrote about how he had changed. The students really got the meaning of Christmas!


Then we made these cute torn Grinch art projects and Grinch masks!


Polar Express Day!

We finished up the holiday with a favorite book The Polar Express. We all got to wear our PJ’s and got comfy! We made the cute Polar Express Train art and sequenced the story events. Made silver bell necklaces with beads and shook them all day because we “believe”! Then we made these darling PJ glyph kids from Deanna Jumps Polar Express Unit…TOO CUTE! Then we all settled in for a long winters nap and headed home for our holiday break!!



Happy New Year! We are Back!

Happy 2012…I am a little late, but we did start our year off with a darling story called Squirrel’s New Years Resolution by Pat Miller. We used this story along with our Maize Way Character Trait: Self Discipline. It was a perfect story to teach the students about making and setting goals for themselves to become better at something or helping others with something. We then brainstormed a list of resolutions and made this cute art project and writing activity that we found online from A Cupcake from the Teacher. So we were Ringing in the New Year and now we are ready for 2012!



  1. AWESOME!! Love the phones! We did those, too...super cute!
    First Grade Blue SKies

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