Saturday, January 28, 2012

“Freezin Season”? Not “Snow” Much-But a bit “Tacky”

A Year Without Snow

Last week we finished up our “Freezin Season” centers and winter theme, but it was a bit difficult to do without snow! We tried to cheer up the room with a few snowmen “craftivities” but it was difficult to get in the mood when we didn’t even need a coat at most of our recess days! So we decided that we would just have to “pretend” and travel south to Antarctica and learn about our favorite winter friend-TACKY the Penguin! We just finished up our Penguin theme this week and they amazed me with all the facts they learned and applied to their penguin writing. We had a “parade of penguin” centers and activities that we did this week.

penguin poem


penguin centers 1

penguin centers 2

penguin facts1

After reading and researching information on penguins we used our KWL chart and wrote what we had learned about penguins. We made these cute covers (thanks to something found on pinterest!) for our penguin information.

penguin facts2

Tacky Thursday!

We finished up our study of penguins with our favorite penguin character “Tacky”! We read several different Tacky stories and then made these cute Tacky the Penguin art projects. We also did a story map to discuss character, setting, problem, resolution, and events from the story to recall information. The kids dressed “tacky” on Thursday too! They were sooooooo cute! We were so busy all day that I didn’t get pictures of them dressed up…but they were “tacky”!

tacky friends


  1. I am in love with EVERYTHING you did! And those penguins own me!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I love your penguin covers! That is such a neat way to make penguins! Looks like another fun week in first grade!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. I love the Tacky friends! We just finished up Tacky and penguins this week too. I will definitely use them next year though!

  4. Love the Tacky Penguins...
    Tag--- you're it!
    I tagged you on my blog- come check it out


    Time 4 Kindergarten

  5. Ok so first of all, I am totally diggin' all the penguin stuff you have going on. We recently did some Tacky stuff in my room as well. I wanted to let you know that I featured your Valentine party ideas on my blog. Feel free to grab an "I was featured button." Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Mrs. Schmelzer, Your blog is fantastic!! If you don't mind me asking, I am wondering what program you use for your picture frames? They look beautiful, I love how you can add text to the side. Thanks you! Melissa Clancy

    1. Hello Melissa, I am obsessed with frames :) I got them from Etsy...not sure which site, but if you put in "doodle frames" you will find a million. I make my pictures in publisher, add text next to them, then save it as a picture and upload it into my blog posts. Hope that helps.

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