Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Week of School! Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, & Green

We started our first week of school with the introduction of our Color Unit. Each day we learn a poem and color a “monster” the color of the day. We also do a sentence scramble using our “word of the day” which is the color word we are working on that day. Students unscramble words to create a complete sentence then write it with correct mechanics. Our first day was Red Day! Our poem we learned was: “Red is an apple. Red is a rose. Red is the color of my icy frozen nose!”  and our color monster said, “Red, Red, forgot his head!”

Red Day

We also use literature to go with each color. We read the story The Little Red Hen and did a sequencing activity about the story events. After reading The Little Red Hen we read The Little Red Hen Makes Pizza and did a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the 2 stories.

DSC00879 DSC00877 

We finished our red day with a favorite character “Clifford”! We also made these cute Clifford puppets.

 DSC00882 DSC00881 

Blue Day

We started our blue day with our blue color monster: “Blue, blue, is sick with flu!” and our poem: “Blue is the ocean. Blue are my eyes. Blue is the sky where the lonely eagle flies.'” We read a classic story to go with our blue day, Blueberries for Sal. We then did a story map showing the story details of who? what? and where? After reading the story we did some blueberry counting and worked on ordering numbers 1-10 playing a game with our number cards.

DSC00891 DSC00887

We finished the day with a fun story called Dear Mr. Blueberry about a girl that writes letters to her teacher about the whale she finds in her pond. We then made these cute whales to go with the story.

DSC00893 DSC00892

Yellow Day

Yellow, Yellow, sat in jello! That was the start to our color day with the monster poem we colored and then learned our yellow poem: “Yellow is a lemon. Yellow is a star. Yellow is the sun in the sky so far!” Our literature for yellow day was Gus the Bus. We learned about a bus that got new tires and didn’t act himself and got into trouble. We also read the story Dandelion and learned the lesson to always be yourself. We did 2 art jobs to go with these stories. We made these cute buses and they did some descriptive writing about writing on a bus to school. I was quite impressed with their writing skills already!

DSC00898 DSC00895 DSC00896 DSC00897

Here are the cute “Dandelion” puppets we also made. We have some creative kids in our class!

DSC00902 DSC00901

Green, green is a dancing queen!” and our green poem is “Green is the grass under both my feet. Green is the broccoli my mother makes me eat!”

Green Day

After learning our 3 primary colors of red, blue, and yellow we introduced the color green with two fun stories. Our first story we read was The Aminal…about a little boy named Patrick that is playing outside and he finds an “aminal”. He tells all of his friends about finding the “aminal” and they all start to imagine what the “aminal” could really be. As a class we did some predicting what the “aminal” was by the clues given in the story. Then we drew what we thought the “aminal” was. At the end we find out that the “aminal” is actually a small round turtle!

DSC00905 DSC00904

Our final story was Little Blue and Little Yellow about two color friends that love to play together and they were so happy to see each other one day that they “hugged” and they turned green! We used this story as an art lesson of how the 3 primary colors make our secondary colors. We had a lot of fun using “little red, little blue, and little yellow” to mix and make the colors. We used frosting to do this activity. It was a BIG hit and yummy to eat with our “aminal” crackers.

DSC00912 DSC00907 DSC00908 DSC00909 DSC00910 DSC00911


  1. I love all these book ideas. Could you email me a copy of them?

  2. Wow you do such creative things with your kids. I would love to buy or steal your books.You are amazing.

  3. I LOVE all your color word ideas!!!! We do a color word a week so these ideas will be awesome to use at the beginning of school next year! Where did you get all of these ideas? Are they for sale so that I may get copies?

  4. I love your class books. I just found your blog today. What font do you use in your books?

    The Very Busy Kindergarten

    1. Hi everybody I was also searching for these ideas and I found them on teacher pay teachers.
      Do a search for made for first grade and then search colors and you will find it there.
      I love their stuff...

    2. Thank you!! Was just going to ask where to get the templates. :)

    3. I cannot find them on teachers pay you have a link? Thanks!

  5. Thank you for the creative ideas :)

  6. I LOVE all these ideas! Super creative and great!! I am having a hard time finding the books on teachers pay teachers... anyone able to please help by providing a link? I want to buy them =)) Super cute! Thanks for sharing!


  8. I just happened upon your website and love it! There is a lot of good teaching and learning going on there.

  9. Absolutely LOVE your colour unit. Any chance you have this unit on a pdf file to purchase????

  10. What a fabulous way to teach colours. Lots of hands on activities and quality literature! Love the photos of your class too! They all look so engaged and happy! I teach English as an Additional Language (EAL) students in Australia. I'd like to keep viewing your blogs please. Do you save them as PDF files?

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