Friday, March 4, 2011

Lucky Kids at MES!

We had a very fun first week in March with leprechauns and talking about being “lucky kids”. We read My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza. It was about a pig who tricks a fox into cleaning him, cooking for him, and giving him a massage before the fox can eat him. The fox was so worn out from all the work that the pig got away…once again we learned how important it is to be clever and to always be thinking! We also read about our favorite guinea pig Fluffy and how Fluffy had a lucky day! After reading these stories we wrote “If I had all the luck, I would…eat, go, find, play, see, get, and have ________________. They were incredible ideas! They also wrote their top ten things that would make their day lucky. I loved reading their ideas!

 DSC00359 DSC00358DSC00362 DSC00363 DSC00365 DSC00366

Lucky Tucker was a really cute book about a dog that woke up and got off on the “wrong paw” and how his day got luckier as it went on.  We finished up our day with a math game called Lucky Numbers. The kids picked 3 “lucky numbers” from 2-12. They then rolled the dice to generate an addition problem if their sum was one of their lucky numbers they recorded YES on their record sheet.

We finished our day with stories about “Lucky Kids at Maize Elementary!” They did a writing sample of why they are lucky to go to Maize  Elementary. They wrote what they can do at school, what they have learned at school, and who they have met at school. They then wrote about how lucky they are to have a great family and finished up their stories with "I am lucky to be me because _________”. I didn’t get pictures of these because the day was wrapped up with Lucky Owen’s birthday party!

I have to say I am LUCKY to teach this group of hard working kids! I am so impressed with their story writing and how creative they all are!


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