Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Circle Story Week

I have to say this might have been one of my favorite weeks of teaching. We had the story If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Joffe Numeroff in our reader so we took all of her adorable books and did an activity with each one of them. I hope the kids enjoyed the week as much as I did! We were very busy!!


We started the unit with the first circle story she wrote If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. We then made these cute mice and inside the mouse was the story events sequenced. After reading this story we read If You Take a Mouse to School and did a booklet that had a lot of math problem solving in it.

 DSC00399 DSC00405

Next we read the two circle stories If You Give a Pig a Pancake and If You Give a Pig a Party. We then made some really cute real and fantasy sentences about pigs…which I forgot to take pictures of.

DSC00402 DSC00398

After reading If You Give a Cat a Cupcake we made these adorable cupcakes with lots of sprinkles on them and sequenced the story events in a circle to map out the story. They loved this activity!

 DSC00436 DSC00438


DSC00401 DSC00397

Now that we have read through all the circle stories we then did some creative writing of our own. I love to read their ideas. Here is a booklet we made where they paired up an animal with a food and wrote what would happen next.

 DSC00410DSC00415DSC00416 DSC00417 DSC00418 DSC00419 DSC00420 DSC00409  DSC00411 DSC00412 DSC00413 DSC00414 

We then took the mouse, the pig, the moose, and the cat and wrote super sentences. We brainstormed describing words for the characters before they started writing. Then they used the sentence wheel to add an action and a place. Then shared them with our friends. As you can see, they LOVE to share their creativity!!


DSC00448 DSC00447

DSC00458DSC00457  DSC00449 DSC00450 DSC00451 DSC00452 DSC00453 DSC00454 DSC00455 DSC00456

All of our centers this week were based on the characters from our circle stories too. We worked on a word sort of nouns, verbs, and adjectives, sentence scramble, cookie sort using all the long vowel sounds, school and book sorting using the oo digraph sounds, buying muffins for the moose using money combinations, party time for the pig matching times to the hour and half hour, comparing food that the characters ate using our greater and less than symbols to compare the numbers, and putting cupcakes together to make compound words, and pancake flip putting numbers in order from least to greatest.

DSC00446 DSC00441 DSC00439 DSC00440 DSC00442 DSC00443 DSC00444 DSC00445

What a fun week! We did so many other activities to go with this unit, but of course when you are busy teaching it is hard to get photos of everything we did. Now it is Spring Break…If You Give a teacher a Spring Break she will blog about her wonderful class and blogging will remind her that she has more centers and activities to make so she will need to get to work!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the spring break! See you next week!!


  1. I would love to see a template of the sentence wheel. I would love to make something similar for my second graders!

    Love all you do!!

  2. Hi wondering where you got the If you give a mouse a cookie vowel sort cookies. I would love to purchase them.
    My email is: Casperrodz@aol.com,
    thanks Gladys

  3. I would also like to know where you got a copy of the sentence story wheel. These ideas are great! Do you have templates available? or where can I find them?

  4. I absolutely love you site! Your projects and books are soooo cute! I was looking at one of your pictures and it looks like there are binders full of lessons. I would love it if you could share you clip art for the spine of the binders! They are adorable and I have just gotten my binders done but I don't have the labels for the front and the spine.
    Thanks so much,

  5. Do you have a templete for your activities?

  6. Where can I find the floor pocket chart that you use for centers?

  7. Hello! I am a first grade teacher and absolutely love your resources. I have purchased many of them on Teachers Pay Teachers. I was wondering where do you get all of the cute graphics you have on your papers. I love Just So Scrappy Too and was looking on there for a candy/gingerbread house but wasn't able to find one. I was looking to find one for the program for our play Hansel and Gretel. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all of your hard work and for sharing your wonderful ideas!
    Colleen Benstead
    First Grade Teacher
    Arcade Elementary School
    Arcade, NY

  8. Just wondering if there is anywhere I can purchase your templates? I want to do a circle story theme in my class in the coming weeks. Thanks so much. My email is kelly.werth@ugdsb.on.ca

  9. Do you have a templete for your activities? I would love to use the cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with my summer camp students. Thanks in advance. My email address is latasharobinson82@gmail.com.

  10. Is there a template available for If You Give a Cat a Cupcake?

  11. Hey I love you if you give a mouse class book. I searched your teachers pay teachers and could only find the sequencing activity. DO you have a tempalate or where can I find it with the pictures the students pair up of animals and food?


  12. I love your ideas! Do you have a template for your activities?

  13. I want all of these activities! I searched you on TpT...no luck. :(

  14. I love your circle story lessons!!! Is there anyway you would share? I wanted to find a way to work with my kindergartners on something like this and never even thought to give them an animal and a food to make it easier!

  15. Hi! I adore your weather unit! Would you be interested in sharing your Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs writing book?

  16. Hello! I love all of your ideas... Where can I get the cat sequence activity and the If You give a.... animal/food matching story? I am currently working on this unit with my ESL kiddos and think they would LOVE it!

  17. I love this little unit for Laura Numeroff! Would you be willing to share it or is it available to purchase? We are doing an author study next week on Laura Numeroff books and this would be perfect! Thank you!

  18. Has anyone gotten a response? I would love these, can someone tell me where to purchase them?

  19. I am wondering where to get these?

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