Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plant Unit

During our plant unit we learned that plants need air, sunlight, soil and water to survive.  We also learned about the parts of a plant and what they do.  We made these plant posters to show the parts of a plant.

   Plants 027 Plants 028 Plants 030 Plants 033 Plants 034 Plants 035 Plants 036

Plants 042 Plants 037 Plants 038 Plants 039 Plants 040Plants 041

We learned about plants needs and what each part of the plant does.  We made these “Plant Needs” booklets to help us learn the functions of each part.

Plants 006 Plants 001  Plants 003     Plants 023

We enjoyed the story The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle and made these flowers after reading that story. 

Plants 022  Plants 024 Plants 025 Plants 026 Plants 007 Plants 008 Plants 009 Plants 010 Plants 011 Plants 012 Plants 013 Plants 014 Plants 015 Plants 016 Plants 017 Plants 018 Plants 019 Plants 020 Plants 021

A few of our plant centers were measuring different kinds of plants to the nearest inch and centimeter.  They also looked up words from the story Jack and the Beanstalk in a dictionary.  Using their mechanics in writing they created sentences about plants.

Plants 032 Plants 029 Plants 031


  1. Where did you find the print out for the Plants Need booklet? I think my students would really enjoy it. Thanks! Love your blog. Great ideas!

  2. Love what you did. Thanks for sharing.