Sunday, May 16, 2010

Amazing Animals!

Amazing Animals 009

After learning about insects we started our week learning about a different animal class each day.  We learned about the animal class of amphibians and did a compare and contrast on toads and frogs.  We also did  a life cycle study on insects vs. amphibians and learned about “metamorphosis”.

Amazing Animals 011 Amazing Animals 001  Amazing Animals 003 Amazing Animals 004 Amazing Animals 005 Amazing Animals 006 Amazing Animals 007 Amazing Animals 002Amazing Animals 008

Next we studied “Radical Reptiles” and made these neat turtles.

Amazing Animals 016 Amazing Animals 012 Amazing Animals 013 Amazing Animals 014 Amazing Animals 015

Mammals are marvelous!  We are mammals too!  They got to make these neat mammals after writing about the characteristics in our animal books.

Amazing Animals 018Amazing Animals 022 Amazing Animals 017  Amazing Animals 019 Amazing Animals 020 Amazing Animals 021

Fish are Fascinating!! We finished up our week learning about fish facts.  We made these fish pockets where we sorted words on cut out fish into an adjective pocket, noun pocket, and verb pocket.  Then we went fishing!  We hooked an adjective, noun, and verb and wrote a sentence with the words that we caught!

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