Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Week and Short i pigs and reading!

We have had a full week of apples!!  We did lots of fun math jobs with our apple combinations, Ten Apples On Top was a favorite book.  The kids saw a PowerPoint with their pictures and apples up on top that I had made. They had to tell the math sentence that would go with their picture.  Then we did our own story problems with apples and our pictures.  We learned about Johnny Appleseed (also known as John Chapman) and made a cute art job of Johnny.  Lots of our centers had to do with using apples and putting numbers in order least to greatest, Rotten Apple word game using our vocabulary words, apple number sentences, and apple graphing. 

We also had a busy week learning short i and decoding words using our short vowels of short i and short a.  We made some cute short i pigs and put in pictures and words that said short i.  The kids loved the game I made called “Stuck in the Mud”.  It had pigs with our short i words to read and decode and if they could read the word they got to keep it.  If they got a card that said “Stuck in the Mud” they had to put all their cards back. 

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