Sunday, September 13, 2009

ABC Potluck

We had a fun Friday finishing up our ABC unit with the story Potluck by Anne Shelby.  It is a story about Alpha and Betty that invite their friends to a “potluck”.  Each friend brings something that begins like their first name.  The kids had a lot of fun sharing their abc snacks and we enjoyed eating them too!  we also made a class book showing what we brought to the potluck. Here is a list of what was brought in our classroom:

Seth brought Stickers fruit rollups.

Mitchael brought M&M’s.

Gavin brought Goldfish crackers.

Tyler brought Twizzlers and Trix cereal.

Sara brought salami.

Meaghann brought muffins.

Carter brought carrots.

Emma brought E.L. Fudge cookies.

Josh brought juice packets.

Kaden brought Kit Kats.

Haley brought hotdogs.

Baylee brought Butterfingers.

Bella brought Blue Bunny Brownies.

Alli brought animal crackers.

Savannah brought strawberry rolls.

Todd brought Twizzlers.

Kesley brought carrot cupcakes.

Jack brought Apple Jacks.

Jordan brought Jolly Ranchers.

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