Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the Season to be Jolly…

And crazy busy! I feel like I can’t keep up with everything lately! I should be baking, doing my Christmas cards, and wrapping presents, but this long overdue blog post has been on my mind and there are so many cute pictures to share! I decided to do this while I watch 2011’s Most Fascinating People on the Barbara Walter’s special…and I know how inspiring and fascinating the blog world has been for me! I have gotten so many neat ideas and have been fortunate to share what we do in our little classroom. Since Thanksgiving break we have been busy with gingerbread, reindeer, Christmas presents, and Santa. First we started with a Sweet Batch of Gingerbread centers and literature activities!

gingerbread blog 1 

gingerbread blog 2

We did several literature activities with different versions of the Gingerbread Man. Here are some of our favorite stories and activities:

DSC01488 DSC01480 DSC01481 DSC01482 DSC01484 DSC01486

We started our Gingerbread unit with a 5 senses activity that came from Mailbox Magazine several years ago. I made this poster to go with the poem and then we did this booklet about the 5 senses of the season.

 DSC01489 DSC01490 DSC01521DSC01492

Yummy Treats!!

DSC01497 DSC01496DSC01493 DSC01494 DSC01495 

Caleb’s grandma (also our wonderful secretary at our school) made us some delicious gingerbread cookies that we had soooo much fun decorating and eating! Special thanks to the parents that sent items to use to make our cookies look so cute!

DSC01522 DSC01518 DSC01520

Jan Brett’s Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends were favorites because of the illustrations and peek-a-boo pictures. We also created these gingerbread houses and gingerbread friends:

DSC01517 DSC01508 DSC01509 DSC01510 DSC01511 DSC01515

DSC01476 DSC01466 DSC01467 DSC01470 DSC01471 DSC01473

They completed this gingerbread sentence wheel and created some super “sweet” sentences.

DSC01529 DSC01528  DSC01524 DSC01525 DSC01527 

What a creative group of kids…after reading The Gingerbread Kid and The Gingerbread Man Loose at School they created their own version of the Gingerbread _______At School. They picked the girl, boy, man, cowboy, pirate, and wrote about what they did at school.

DSC01545   DSC01533 DSC01534 DSC01535 DSC01536 DSC01537 DSC01538 DSC01539 DSC01542 DSC01543 DSC01544

We finished up the unit with a comparison of the Gingerbread Girl and the Gingerbread Boy, but did not get any pictures of them…and they were sooo cute! What a fun 2 weeks! Next up….

Holly Jolly Centers, Reindeer, and a New and Improved Santa!


  1. I love those huge houses and the writing at the end of your post. I'm doing that next year!
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Hi - can you tell me a little bit more about sight word candy land - I can't zoom in on the picture much more to help me out - we have this game at home, have you just colour coded words to match the game and children move to the space if they can read it?? or is it more complicated than that?? Thanks (:

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