Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkins, Candy Corn, and Bats!

I don’t have a lot of pictures of our week of pumpkins and candy corn (check end of post for my excuse) but here are a few of the centers the kids did. At Candy Corn Word Building they had to try and use each of the short vowels in words to see what new words they could build. Example: if they had t_n they tried each vowel and recorded their new words: tan, ten, tin. At the Candy Corn Sentence Scramble they made sentences by unscrambling the candy corn and added punctuation marks and capital letters. Jolly Pumpkin Number Order they put number sets in order from least to greatest. At Jolly Pumpkin ABC Order they put 3 groups of 6 sight words in abc order. Pumpkin Vowel patch gave the kids the opportunity to make 5 short a, e, i, o, an u words using beginning and ending sounds on letter tiles.

pumpkins and candy corn

At the Sweet Treats center they had to sort math facts on the candy corn with the trick or treater that had the correct sum. At Eating Candy Corn they solved subtraction facts. They also made cute Jolly Jacks using a 3x3 grid.

pumpkins and candy corn.png2

There were several other activities we worked on with pumpkins: Pumpkin Farmer, Pumpkin Farmer book showing life cycle of a pumpkin, Candy Corn Man art project, Candy Corn Fact Families flip chart, Silly Pumpkin stories, and much more…but I was not there to take the pics and blog about it…but I did leave very detailed plans and they followed through and made it without me for 7 days! I was VERY lucky to take a vacation with my husband to Hawaii!!! He had to go there for a work conference and so he took me a long with him. It was so relaxing (once I got 7 days of lesson plans done!) and beautiful there. Here is a look at the resort that I got to relax by the pool and read and not worry about anything because my sub was awesome and did a great job while I was away! We got back yesterday, but it already seems like a distant memory after being at work and catching up on all that I missed! It was good to see the kids. They greeted me with huge smiles, hugs, and cute welcome back cards today!

hawaii pic

When I returned to the “real” world again today we finished up the bat theme and made these cute art projects. They wrote some great facts on what they learned about bats this week.

DSC01304  DSC01294  DSC01296 DSC01297 DSC01298 DSC01300 DSC01301 DSC01302 DSC01303 DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01288 DSC01295



  1. Your last post hooked me for life! :) love those ideas! Now I have to scour the rest of your blog! I just gave you the blog on fire award. :)

  2. Thank you so much Reagan and Barbara!

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