Monday, February 28, 2011

Dental Health Week

February is Dental Health Month so we spent a week discussing how to take care of our teeth and enjoying several literature activities about going to the dentist and losing our teeth. One of our favorite characters is Arthur and we enjoyed his story about his loose tooth and made a cute art project to go with this story and also sequenced the story events from this book. Here is Arthur!

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We also sequenced 4 pictures about a character going to the dentist. After doing that the kids put them into a book with writing paper and wrote about each picture. They were to name their character, tell where they were, what was happening, and how the character was feeling about the trip to the dentist. I have some outstanding writers! They were so creative and added so many details to their stories!

 DSC00221 DSC00222 DSC00227DSC00228DSC00223 DSC00226 

The kids made these cute books called “Teeth for Keeps”! They wrote in the book about ways to keep their teeth healthy!

DSC00225 DSC00224

After learning all the ways to keep our teeth healthy and strong we talked about losing our teeth and the “TOOTH FAIRY”. The kids wrote the cutest stories about the tooth fairy: How does she get in their house? What does she leave for them? What does she do with their teeth? Again…very creative writers and great details! Here is the cute tooth fairies  we made:


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  3. Do you have the template for that Arthur? Or know where I can find it?

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