Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pilgrims Join the Native Americans

We finished up our learning of Native Americans by talking about the tradition of the Pow Wow. We also read a story called Giving Thanks and understood how the Native Americans lived off the land and all they taught the Pilgrims when they came to America.

Thanksgiving 014 Thanksgiving 012 Thanksgiving 013

We made Friendship Pouches that would be brought to a Pow Wow with a gift to say thanks for letting us Dance With the Indians.

Thanksgiving 020  Thanksgiving 017Thanksgiving 018 Thanksgiving 019

Thanksgiving 016 Thanksgiving 015

After completing our Native American study we sailed to America on the Mayflower with the Pilgrims and landed on Plymouth Rock and became friends with the Native Americans that we have learned about.

  Thanksgiving 003Thanksgiving 002

I know we all agreed that our life today is much easier than the life the Pilgrims had and we are very thankful for the traditions that we have today. Here are our cute Pilgrim girls and boys.

 Thanksgiving 005 Thanksgiving 006


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